Kamal to hold model grama sabha meeting in Chennai


This evening, Kamal Haasan will conduct a model grama sabha meeting in Chennai, in a bid to strengthen grassroot level democracy and local governance.

In a statement, his party Makkal Needhi Maiam said, “Twenty five years ago on April 24, Panchayat Raj was implemented in India, in an important move towards strengthening local governance.”

It added: “In a bid to celebrate it, MNM founder-president Kamal Haasan will attend a model grama sabha meeting in Chennai on April 24 at 4 pm.”

Kamal Haasan on Sunday addressed people through his YouTube channel and urged them come forward to protect waterbodies and adopt villages.

He said, “MNM’s Whistle App will go live soon. People can enroll themselves in it and write about civic woes in their area. Works are on to give final touches to the App.”

“The volunteering spirit is very important for nation building. Volunteering efforts in our State should be channelled towards revival of water bodies as well as for helping out schools that need resources and infrastructure,” he added.


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