Vijay’s dad heaps laurels on Vijayakanth



The mega event on the outskirts of Chennai on Sunday night, held to mark the 40th anniversary of Vijayakanth in cinema, saw many industry veterans heaping laurels on the ‘Captain’.

In his address, director S A Chandrasekhar said Vijayakanth helped his son Vijay when he first entered the film industry.

“My son wanted to become an actor and I made his first film ‘Naalaya Theerpu’, which didn’t run well. Then I wanted to make him an good actor. I felt he would become a good actor if he works with Vijayakanth. So in that intention, I called up Vijayakanth and told him I would be in his house. But in two minutes he had come to my home and asked about what I wanted to talk. When I told him about making Vijay acting along with him, all he asked was when are we starting,” he said.

SAC added: “When I opened about on the remuneration part, Vijayakanth asked me to start the shoot and said that other things can be discussed later. ‘Sendhooraapandi’ was a hit, what Vijayakanth did to Vijay was really a huge help.”

He also said: “You have completed forty years in the film industry but this not the end. Next year, I will make a film with you in the lead my friend.”


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