IPL divides Kollywood – Friday Spl. article by Naveen

United for the cause of Cauvery, Tamil cinema is however divided over the way protests were conducted against IPL match in Chennai on Tuesday, following which organisers of the sport have decided to shift the venues.
The angry agitation at roads leading to Chepauk stadium saw the participation of those from Kollywood too. Prominent among them were Bharathiraja, Ameer, Seeman, Vetrimaaran, Thangar Bachan and Vairamuthu.
A day after the protests ended on a violent note, superstar Rajinikanth tweeted: “The worst form of violence in law and order situation is attack on uniformed personnel on duty.”
He added: “This form of violence has to be tackled immediately as it poses grave danger to our country.We need more stringent laws to punish the perpetrators of attack on police personnel on duty.”
Soon after the tweet, at an urgently called press conference at the Chennai Press Club, a bunch of film personalities claimed that Rajinikanth is being forced to issue such statements by someone else.
Bharathiraja said, “The protest that took place against the IPL (Indian Premiere League) match was not violence but a just struggle held in a peaceful and orderly fashion.”
Hitting out at Rajini, he said, “We have got to learn only now that what was inside the basket all this while was not flowers but a snake.”
Ameer said that Rajinikanth always put out tweets in favour of those in power. “When demonetisation happened, he put out a tweet in 10 minutes, congratulating the prime minister and welcoming it. Rajini will not know about policemen until he comes to the point of protest and stages a protest.”
As the day progressed, it emerged around Wednesday evening that the IPL management have decided to not hold future matches in Chennai.
Siddharth reacted to this in a strong manner and wrote on his social media page: “IPL shifted. Vaazhthukkal. Can we please close tasmac? Next can we shut all TV channels owned by politicians? Can we please ban party flags at protest venues? There are many embarrassing things and people in our TN! Fight together.”
Vishnu Vishal wrote: “Protests..shoes thrown at players..common people abused  and some innocent ppl beaten up ..#IPL venue shifted..wat nxt? Reqst to all..plz dont get misguided by  some miscreants who r always tryin to make wrong use of our emotions for their personal gains #CauveryWaterManagement.”
RJ Balaji asked: “Now all those who protested violently against a sport and managed to shift the venue and consider that as success, better make sure that you get the cauvery management board set up too. Mudiyuma?”
He also said, “And all you online portals and youtube channels spreading hatred, trigger/divide people, threaten saying that a bottle of petrol is enough to burn and shamelessly monetise even those protest videos,stop spreading venom for ur personal gains with half baked knowledge on issues.”

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