RGV’s Nagarjuna-starrer ‘Officer’ teaser rocks


The teaser of Nagarjuna starrer ‘Officer’, which is directed by Ram Gopal Varma, has been released and it has created a lot of interest and expectations.

It shows Nagarjuna as a committed police officer and the film reeks of action elements.

Releasing the teaser, Ram Gopal Varma wrote online: “I always saw @iamnagarjuna as larger than life intensity personified but having a classical demeanour about him..#Officer is a testimony of that.”

He added, “Cops Were Never This Scary: @iamnagarjuna and @Myrasareen1 are just two of the many deadly and dangerous cops in #Officer.”

According to sources, the intense action film is set in the backdrop of Mumbai mafia world.


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