‘Mercury’: Karthik Subbaraj becomes unstoppable


Despite opposition from the industry to his decision to release ‘Mercury’ on April 13 amid the ongoing strike by Tamil Film Producers Council, Karthik Subbaraj is going ahead with his plans.

A trailer of the flick, an eerie thriller with no dialogues, was released on Monday and it instantly went viral on the social media.

Highlights of the 1.42 minute trailer are crisp visuals by Tirru and captivating background score by Santhosh Narayanan. Prabhudeva plays the lead role in the movie.

Seeking to justify his decision to release the movie amid strike, Karthik Subbaraj said recently: “This film is a Silent film and having a huge release globally on 13th April. And cinema being a bread-winning profession for hundreds of our team members who have put in their sweat n blood into this film, we are in a situation to move on towards the release of the film. Looking for all your support as always”.


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