Let Sekhar Kammula take legal action: Sri Reddy


With director Sekhar Kammula threatening to take legal action against actress Sri Reddy for her shocking claims on him, the latter has said she is not afraid.

“I am not afraid. Let him take legal action. I am planning to take legal recourse myself. I have witnesses to back my claims,” she said.

Sekhar Kammula, known for critically acclaimed movies, came out with a statement, reacting to the allegations made against him by actress Sri Reddy, who is levelling casting couch charges against Tollywood personalities.

“Yesterday a social media post maligning me came to my notice. It is vulgar, demeaning and full of lies. It has caused deep grief to my family, to me and many more who value me,” he said in a Facebook post.

He added: “Icould never imagine in my wildest dreams that a woman whom I don’t know, have not seen or never spoken to in person or on the phone can suddenly make these baseless allegations.

Whatever might be their intentions and whoever might be involved in this diabolic act, I would like to say that it is WRONG, IMMORAL and CRIMINAL.”


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