Suriya-Karthi come forward to pay their assistants


With producers complaining about escalating costs to make movies, actors Suriya and Karthi have come forward to pay the salary of their assistants from their own pocket.

If others follow the suit, it is expected that the move would end up in producers saving lakhs of rupees. “Initially, Suriya decided to pay his assistants and soon after that, his younger brother Karthi too announced his decision to do so,” sources said.

It is to be noted that the Tamil Film Producers Council is currently leading a strike in the industry, pressing various issues including waiving off fees by digital service providers, reduction of cost of eatables and parking charges in theatres etc.

At this juncture, the decision by Karthi and Suriya to pay their assistants from their own money is being viewed as a welcome move by many. Will others follow this?


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