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Gautami says she has proof against Kamal

In a fresh tirade against Kamal Haasan, Gautami has penned a follow up to her blog post on Kamal Haasan in which she has said she is having proof for her charges.

In the blog titled ‘Proof and Judgments’, Gautami has said she was surprised and disturbed by the harsh and judgemental reactions from people who know no details about the situation.

“My reasons for my decision to leave were several and they are strong enough to be irreversible. As a single mother, who is fighting to start life again and build a secure future on her own, I need to concentrate my energies on positive and constructive matters. There is so much in this life that is good, honest & joyful and I look towards that. There are good & compassionate human beings in this world and I look for those people to be in my life,” she wrote.

She added: “I expected nothing from anyone, least of all pending salaries from a company that I had worked for in a professional capacity. And, yes, I am surprised & disturbed by the harsh & judgemental reactions from people who know no details about the situation.”

Meanwhile, Raaj Kamal Films International has said both Dasavathaaram as well as Vishwaroopam were bankrolled by different production houses and Kamal has nothing to do with her payments in that regard.


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