Can Kamal make it with Makkal Needhi Maiam? Friday Spl. Article by Naveen


Can Kamal make it with Makkal Needhi Maiam? Friday Spl. Article by Naveen

Finally, he has arrived. Kamal Haasan, at a public meeting in Madurai on Wednesday night, announced the name of his political party- Makkal Needhi Maiam-, unveiled its flag and also spoke about its policies.
In the last five decades, especially after Dravidian parties came to power, Tamil Nadu has seen many cinema personalities taking politician avatar. Will Kamal be just one more in the list or will he be another MGR or Jayalalithaa?
Will he able to fulfil the promises he has made or end up as yet another actor-turned-politician? Will he deliver ‘justice’ to people or add more to their woes? While time will answer these questions, his political entry has evoked mixed responses from various quarters.
According to Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi president Thol Thirumavalan, Kamal and Rajinikanth are agents of the BJP to affect DMK in Tamil Nadu.
But BJP too is not happy. Its state unit president Tamilisai Soundararajan says that Kamal appeared to have “started a political party to compete against someone”.
She said while anyone can float a political party, Tamil Nadu is not in a situation where only Kamal can save it.
Strangely, archrivals DMK and AIADMK have joined hands in opposing Kamal. DMK working president M K Stalin said paper flowers which do not have fragrance will bloom during a season but they will wither very soon.
While Kamal reacted to this saying ‘I am not flower, but seed’, AIADMK senior and fisheries minister D Jayakumar came to Stalin’s support. “I agree with Stalin’s words on Kamal. I would also like to say that Kamal is a genetically modified seed, which can not yield any benefit.”
Answering his critics at the Madurai meeting on Wednesday night, Kamal, who now prefers to call himself as ‘Nammavar’, said, “it is better to show in work rather than replying to these people.”
There are a big bunch of people who support Kamal. One among them is Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who shared the dais with Kamal in Madurai on Wednesday.
Speaking at the event, Kejriwal appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu to vote for the new party of Kamal Haasan and throw out the ‘corrupt AIADMK and DMK’.
“I can see the people of Tamil Nadu are ready to throw out DMK and AIADMK and bring Kamal Haasan to power,” he said among loud cheer.
Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan extended his greetings and wishes to Kamal Haasan, who launched his political party, and hoped his party would uphold the ideals of secularism, democracy and pluralism.
Veteran ctress Sripriya, who is now part of Kamal’s party, said, “I am attracted by Kamal’s vision to create a better Tamil Nadu. I am sure he will achieve it. People can look for a positive change.”
Views may differ, but there is no denial that all eyes are on Kamal Haasan, the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ turned ‘Nammavar’.



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