Mahesh Babu is 'pleasantly surprised'


At a time when people have shed the practice of sending letters thanks to the growth of technology, a class six student, Neha Sanampudi from the US has sent a handwritten mail to Mahesh Babu.

“I am your biggest fan. I’ve watched every single one of your movies. You are such a good actor and you have inspired me to always be happy. My favourite movie of yours is ‘Srimanthudu’. It was such a good movie and really heart-touching,” she said.

Replying to her, the actor said, “Dearest Neha, In a world of internet and mails, was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter sent to me by post. Makes me very happy to know you enjoy my movies.”

He added: “Sitara and Gautam also liked Srimanthudu as much as you did. Happy to be your inspiration and will try to do movies which you will like 🙂 It was an absolute pleasure reading your letter and I wish you all the best for your schooling. Lots of love, God bless. 🙂 Mahesh Babu. PS: You will receive a reply in ur postbox as well.”


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