Kamal wants students to enter politics, bring change



Kamal Haasan, who addressed a large number of students at an event in Chennai on Saturday evening, urged them to “sow the seeds for political change”.

“Vigilantism – the kind you see in the movies – is not the answer to political degradation. The vigilantism displayed in my film ‘Indian’ is not possible in real life. Instead keep vigil over politicians. If you do not like him, do not wait for the five-year term to end. See to it that he is thrown out of the seat,” he said, while speaking at an event called ‘Sangamam 2.0’, organised by the Maatram Foundation, an NGO, at Sri Sairam Engineering College.

Urging students to be more vigilant in order to get to know what was happening around them, he said and added that once they learn to understand the plight of others, change would automatically emerge in society.

“Don’t relinquish your thinking. March towards excellence, which will fetch you the path of victory,” he said.

“Alleviating poverty is a poll promise all politicians make but, all they have ended up doing is removing their own poverty. Those who entered politics for not being able to make ends meet are today holding accounts in Swiss banks,” he added.


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