Kamal's TN tour plans


Actor Kamal Haasan has said that as part of his political venture, he will be touring the State from January 26.

On his birthday on 7 December, the actor announced his political entry and as a first step he said a mobile app and a website would be launched.

Now talking at an award function, he announced about his tour and said that further details about it will be revealed on 18 January.

He said that arrangements are being made for his visits to various places and his travel schedule would be published in the next issue of a magazine in which he is a columnist.

Kamal Haasan who announced the launch of a digital platform, `Maiam Whistle’, during his 63rd birthday in November, spelt out that he will resist both corruption and communalism.

He also made it clear that Dravidian movement would not be destroyed as long as the word Dravida remains in the national anthem.


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